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EastEnders shock as Phil Mitchell takes the blame for murdering Keanu and flees abroad with Lisa and Louise

EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Phil Mitchell took the blame for murdering Keanu Taylor before fleeing abroad to Portugal.

The Walford hardman - who is played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soap - left Walford tonight in a cab with ex Lisa and daughter Louise.

His son Ben was originally going to join them so the father and son could avoid murder charges for Keanu's 'death' but he pulled out at the last minute.

The thought of leaving Callum and daughter Lexi was too much and in a shock move Phil gave him his blessing to stay and told him to keep his freedom by telling the police he killed Keanu.

Neither of them are aware Keanu is actually alive having faked his death.

Phil told Ben: "When the old bill come for you which they will, I want you to tell them it was all me.

"You put your life on the line for me and you stepped up and I'm grateful. And I'm proud. I'm proud you're my boy. You deserve to be happy so just remember it was all me."

Opening the car door, Phil let him out with his blessing and carried onto the airport with his daughter and his ex.

Louise told him: "Ben has a reason to stay, I don't. The only people I need in my life are here in this cab. Let's just hope we don't kill each other, eh?"

They then left Walford for a new life in Portugal.

Viewers were stunned by the exchange between father and son, with one writing on Twitter: "Okay but what a monumental moment for Phil’s character ."

Another added: "Phil and Ben... he said the words Ben was longing his whole life to hear."

A third tweeted: "To Ben, absolutely that meant a lot to him, and he needed it - before Phil later discovers Keanu is alive and Ben is literally back in the doghouse."

Meanwhile Ben ran back across the Square and reunited with Callum.

Screaming his name across the market he threw his suitcase away and told him: "I'm staying. I never really believed that we'd work out. I never let myself believe it.

"When I said we'd never work out it's because you're a good person and I'm not. You make me want to be better."

The couple then kissed as Ben's daughter Lexi jumped in to hug her dad.

EastEnders’ shock as Phil and Ben Mitchell arrested for murdering Keanu

The episode was the final exit for Louise and Lisa with actresses Tilly Keeper and Lucy Benjamin leaving the soap after tonight's episode.

However The Sun Online can confirm that Phil will be back in time for the 35th anniversary episodes.

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