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EastEnders shock as Dennis Mitchell dies – and Ian Beale killed him

EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Dennis Mitchell drowned in the boat disaster - and it was Ian Beale's fault.

The tearaway teenager - who is played by actor Bleu Landau in the BBC soap - was revealed to be the character who died after he was locked in a room by Ian Beale for having his son Bobby attacked.

Ian did try to rescue Dennis and managed to get him out of the room but the boat had already filled with water and they were both dragged out by the current.

And while Ian was rushed to hospital, Dennis was pronounced dead at the scene.

It was left to Keanu Taylor to tell Sharon what had happened - just minutes after she had given birth to her new baby, a boy.

She blamed Keanu for Dennis' death and told him she never wanted to see him again leaving him devastated too.

In the hospital Ian was told about the death by his mum Kathy but he claimed to have tried to save Dennis and didn't admit to being the one who locked Dennis below deck.

He broke down in tears as the reality of him being a killer sank in - but he still didn't confess and it left fans in shock.

One wrote: "Oh s**t I did not have it down that Dennis would die. How tragic he’s so young. #eastenders."

A second said: "Dennis the third tho Broken heart #eastenders."

Another added: "an & Denny Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face#EastEnders #EastEnders35."

Elsewhere, Whitney confessed to killing Leo King at the dock, telling the officer: "I know it's bad timing but you need to arrest me. I've killed someone. You'll find him on my kitchen floor."

After nearly dying on the boat, Linda Carter finally admitted she was an alcoholic and vowed to get help and dry out for her family.

And Bex Fowler survived her bad bunch of drugs and lived to see another day.

But it was bad news for Callum Highway who was left dying in the dingy warehouse where Keanu was holding him hostage.

Shirley failed to find him and Ben couldn't hear Keanu telling him the location, meaning Callum's life is also on the line.