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EastEnders’ Phil grabs a gun to shoot Jack dead – but Keanu STILL refuses to own up to affair with Sharon


EASTENDERS' Phil Mitchell went berserk in the soap tonight - even by his own eye-popping standards - grabbing a gun and preparing to shoot Jack Branning dead.

The mad mechanic is convinced his old rival has been sleeping with his wife, but fans were left screaming at their TVs as the real culprit Keanu Taylor STILL stayed quiet.

Jack was kidnapped by Phil's henchmen and taken to the Arches for a brutal torturing that lasted for the entire episode.

Gagged and dumped in the mechanic's pit, he peered up drenched in blood while Phil raved: "Remember the last time we was in this situation? You was up here and I was down there.

"How does it feel Jack? How does it feel knowing how much I'm going to hurt you? I'm going to enjoy this."

The grim-faced gangster then grabbed a canister of petrol and poured it all over him - but was interrupted before he could set him on fire.

Ben, who had earlier tried to convince his dad that Jack wasn't to blame, managed to fight his way past the Arches' metal door.

Conveniently, he burst into the scene of Reservoir Dogs-style horror with a passing Keanu, with the pair both battling to control an out-of-control Phil.

His gag removed, Jack whimpered: "Whatever's happened down there has got nothing to do with me."

But that only enraged Phil further, with him grabbing a gun and pointing it squarely at Jack's head.

EastEnders' Phil Mitchell attempts to mow down Jack Branning's children

He fumed: "You've had kids with my sister, now my wife? Oh you really didn't think I'd find out?

"Well everyone who betrays me gets what they deserve. Everyone."

While Keanu looked on nervously, Phil prepared to shoot Jack - but crucially didn't pipe up and take the blame for bedding Sharon himself.

Many felt the youngster was leaving it way too late to own up, tweeting: "Hey, Keanu, say something!"

Another wrote: "Keanu’s conscience better kick in before the next duff duff".