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EastEnders fans spot clue Ruby Allen had Stacey Slater brutally beaten

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Ruby Allen had Stacey Slater brutally beaten up for disrespecting her tonight.

The club owner - who is played by actress Louisa Lytton in the BBC soap - appeared to snap after Stacey dumped a bag of pennies in the club as payment for stealing thousands from Ruby.

Dumping the cash in the club in pennies in a huge bag, Stacey told her: "This week's payment, you can count it if you like."

A furious Ruby told her: "If you want to play games, we can play games but you're not going to win, I promise you." 

Snarking back, Stacey said: "Oh really Johnny Allen Jr what are you going to do? Bore me to death?"

Ruby warned her: "Don't underestimate me, if I wanted I could click my fingers and have you out of the Square tonight."

Stacey hit back, telling her: "Well I'll take my kids with me and I wonder how long it will be before Martin comes running after me begging me to take him back. You ain't a mother and you ain't going to practise on my little girl so stay out of my face."

Stacey stormed out leaving Dotty to ask why she would let her talk to her like that and Ruby ominously told her she would handle it.

Later she sent Martin to pick the kids up for a movie night at the club with him and Ruby, leaving Stacey furious.

When she discovered where her kids were, Stacey was furious and stormed over to the club to have it out with her.

But on her way she was followed by a mystery man in a hooded top, and when Stacey reached the club and began banging on the doors he grabbed her.

Pushing her to the floor he began raining blows down on Stacey leaving her terrified for her life.

She was kicked and punched until she was bleeding before the man pulled out his phone and took a picture of her sobbing.

He then said: "You want to play games, we can play games."

EastEnders fans gripped as Stacey finally returns to the square - and is rumbled for stealing from Ruby

Fans were convinced this was a warning from gangster’s daughter Ruby.

One wrote: "Who Assaulted Stacey? I bet It's On Ruby's Orders"

A second said: "Omg I hate Ruby so much, I hope Stacey will be ok"

Another added: "She's totally gona think Ruby was actually behind it all though ain't she?"

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