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EastEnders fans praise ‘clever’ camera trickery as Ruby and Martin share a kiss in socially-distanced filming first

IMPRESSED EastEnders fans heaped praise on "clever" camera trickery as Ruby Allen and Martin Fowler appeared to share a kiss in a socially-distanced filming first.

Viewers were blown away by the first on-screen smooch since filming on the BBC One soap resumed - with strict health and safety precautions in place due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Determined not to let the guidelines impact the realism of the show, the crew have come up with novel ways to make it look as though couples are still being intimate with one another.

In today's episode, Ruby and Martin were seen discussing going away for a break following the return of his ex-wife Stacey.

As they said goodbye, the two appeared to peck one another on the lips - with expertly-placed railings from the square obscuring where their faces would have met.

Martin also reached over for Ruby to hold his hand, with the same railing hiding where they would touch.

Fans flocked to social media to share how impressed they were by the creative workaround, with one writing: "OMG THAT WAS SUCH A CLEVER WAY TO MASK A KISS".

Another tweeted: "Omg a kiss with the new filming techniques!"

A third agreed: "Hahaha see what they done there,with that kiss Kiss mark lol clever fkrs".

One more wrote: "Clever kiss."

It is a stark improvement from earlier this month, when EastEnders was branded "lame" for trying to show the same two characters holding hands while social distancing.

EastEnders' Ruby and Martin pretend to hold hands during social distanced filming

Viewers were in hysterics as they questioned how long Ruby and Martin's arms were supposed to be as they kept apart while giving the illusion that their hands were together.

In general, the soap has been well-received as it returned to our screens after being forced off air over the summer when it ran out of pre-recorded episodes.

Production on all soaps halted back in March due to the pandemic, and the BBC was unable to create new instalments before the batch they'd already filmed ran out.

Despite new restrictions meaning that cast members can't touch one another and must stay two metres apart at all times, EastEnders has pulled off some impressive scenes in recent weeks - including Gray murdering wife Chantelle as their harrowing domestic abuse storyline reached its tragic climax.

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