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EastEnders fans horrified as Ian Beale leaves Dennis Mitchell to drown on the boat

EASTENDERS viewers were horrified tonight after Ian Beale left Dennis Mitchell to drown on the sinking boat.

The businessman - who is played by actor Adam Woodyatt in the BBC soap - had locked Dennis in a room below deck on the vessel after discovering he had been the one posting vile abuse about his son Bobby online.

Earlier in the episode Bobby was rushed to the hospital after being attacked by anti-Muslim thugs.

He was left fighting for his life in hospital under the watchful eye of his returning brother Peter Beale.

But when Dotty found out that Dennis was the one posting the racist abuse, she told Bex Fowler but assured her that she would sort it.

Not giving her a chance, Bex text Ian to tell him the truth and he rushed out of the hospital to hunt Dennis down.

Ian made it his mission to seek revenge on Dennis after Bex told him who was responsible

Finding him on the boat, Ian dragged him below deck but teenage thug Dennis was unrepentant.

He mocked Ian before insulting him by calling him disgusting and calling out his crush on his mum Sharon.

In a shocking moment Ian punched Dennis and then when Dennis threatened his life, pushed him into a room and locked the door, leaving him there.

Dennis was panicked and called his mum Sharon telling her what Ian had done but could only leave a voicemail as she was busy bleeding heavily in labour after being kidnapped at gunpoint by Ben Mitchell.

When the boat began to take on water and the captain told everyone to get into the life boats, Ian rushed downstairs to let Dennis out.

Unfortunately his attempts were futile as the boat filled with water Ian dropped the keys and couldn't find them to let him out.

And in a shocking moment he simply walked off leaving Dennis to drown, leaving fans utterly shocked and horrified.

One tweeted: "Ian Beale just left Dennis what the f***?!"

Another added: "Oh God, I hate Dennis, but I don't want Ian to feel guilty if he dies. His relationship with Sharon would never recover. #EastEnders."

A third wrote: "Is Ian actually gonna let dennis die?!"