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EastEnders fans horrified as drugged Honey is saved from vile rapist Paul by Jay


EASTENDERS fans are horrified after Honey Mitchell was narrowly saved from being raped in the street tonight.

The Minute Mart assistant - who is played by actress Emma Barton in the BBC soap - was drugged by her date Paul and led to an alley in the middle of the day.

She just had enough time to call Jay Brown and leave a garbled message that alerted him to the horror and he raced to find her.

However, Honey was already passed out in the alley way as dirty rapist Paul began filming her and unbuckling his trousers.

The harrowing scenes saw viewers in tears as Honey was left helpless on the floor.

Fortunately for her Jay began desperately calling her mobile and heard it ringing in time to scare vile Paul away as he unbuttoned himself ready to seriously sexually assault Honey.

Fans were shocked at the scenes.

One wrote:  "poor Honey ...this will set her back so much! No-one does shame & humiliation like her poor girl. Let’s hope Jay is there to pick up the pieces and make her feel all better."

A second said: "What was that guy gonna do to Honey in an alleyway in broad daylight, with people passing by?! Sicko!!"

Another added: "I’ve decided to take Honey under my wing"

Next week Honey will struggle to cope with what’s happened to her but lean on Jay for support.

Later in the week, Honey has another meeting with DI Ward about prosecuting Paul.

EastEnders' Honey Mitchell returns to Walford after nine month break

Jay goes along for support and is amazed by Honey's strength. 

Later, Jay tells Lola they’ll have to pause their discussion on flats as he has to check on Honey.

But is something more developing?

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