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EastEnders fans disgusted as Dotty tricks Tiffany into flirting with sleazy punters at the club

EASTENDERS fans are disgusted at Dotty Cotton for tricking Tiffany into flirting with sleazy punters at the club. 

Dotty - who is played by Milly Zero in the BBC One soap - was furious tonight when Tiffany refused to be a hostess at the club after Keegan voiced his disapproval - and threatened to up the rent. 

And when that didn’t work, Dotty tried playing the sympathy card and pretended she was up to her eyeballs in debt.

Dotty begged: “You’ve gotta help me Tiff. You ain’t the only one with debts. Like, I need to make money, quick, or I’m in big trouble. Okay. That’s all I can say about it for now.”

She added: “Look, come on Tiff. I thought you and me were on the same page.”

Tiffany caved and agreed to be a hostess for two sleazy punters.

But later, when Tiffany sat down with Dotty and asked if she owed money to a loan shark, Dotty admitted she wasn’t in any debt after all. 

She admitted: “Look Tiff I don’t owe anybody. I just wanted to show you how easy it was.”

Tiffany looked horrified and replied: “I did all of that because I thought you were in trouble.”

But when Dotty showed her the wad of cash they’d already made, Tiffany agreed to continue serving them until the end of the day. 

Fans were disgusted by Dotty’s sneaky behaviour.

One said: "Dotty is literally pimping Tiffany out just like that woman did. I hope keegan talk some sense into her."

Another added: "Dotty basically pimping out Tiff is making me uncomfortable to say the least."

A third chimed in: "this tiff/dotty sl makes me a bit uncomfortable tbh."

Disaster struck later as Keegan walked into the club, only to see Tiffany flirting with the grim punters. 

Keegan watched on in horror as one of the customers told her: “The least you can do is sit down for five minutes.”

Tiffany cheekily replied: “Listen, you couldn’t handle me.”

At that Keegan stormed over and demanded to know what was going on, announcing he was Tiffany’s husband. 

A sheepish Tiffany looked mortified and offered to get her coat and leave with Keegan, but he looked at her with disgust - and told her not to bother.

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