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EastEnders fans convinced Bobby Beale is being set up for terrorism charges by Dennis Mitchell

EASTENDERS fans are convinced Bobby Beale is being set up for terrorism charges by Dennis Mitchell.

The teen killer - who is played by actor Clay Milner-Russell in the BBC soap - left his laptop open last night and it gave scheming Dennis a chance to use it.

Bobby is unaware Dennis is evil and wants revenge over his being accidentally knocked out by Bobby last week.

He pushed Dennis back when he became violent with mum Sharon and he fell and knocked himself out on the coffee table.

Last night Dennis tricked his way into the Beale house and found himself alone with Bobby's laptop before grinning as he started to type.

Fans think he is setting up Bobby by Googling extremist material before his official conversion to Islam later this week.

One wrote: "Wouldn’t be surprised if that demon seed was searching something terrorism related, in order to set Bobby up. #EastEnders"

A second said: "And Denny is one nasty piece of work. I bet he searched some things on the internet to make Bobby look guilty off maybe planning an attack or something.

"Seriously doubt Shirley will agree with what he's doing. #EastEnders"

Another added: "#EastEnders bet Dennis did searches like How to Make a bomb, how to strap of a suicide vest, how to I kill infidels on Bobby's laptop and will leave them for others to find.

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"Naughty toxic Denny. Bloomin epic."

A fourth tweeted: "Dennis...I swear to god, if you’re about to search extremist s*** to get Bobby into trouble....Queen Sharon didn’t raise you to be a racist! #EastEnders"