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EastEnders’ Denise weighs up secret alliance with Phil Mitchell to double-cross Ellie in custody battle

EASTENDERS' Denise Fox weighs up if she should form a secret alliance with Phil Mitchell.

The duo are planning to double-cross Ellie, the adopted grandson of Raymond, and gain custody of the child she gave away.

The hair salon owner has to decide whether she will go along with Phil Mitchell's (Steve McFadden) bombshell offer over baby Raymond.

Ellie demanded £150,000 from Phil if he wants custody of the toddler.

Phil's son Ben convinced his son to go through the courts and secure the custody of the toddler in the right way.

Warning Ellie that she now has a "war" on her hands, but things hit a stumbling block when he got his lawyer Ritchie involved, who said he would never be able to win a court due to his criminal record.

However, with Denise on his side, who gave birth to Raymond and who does not possess a criminal rap sheet, Phil chances increase exponentially.

Holding crunch talks with Denise, Albert Square's resident hardman offered to be a silent partner throughout the court case and agreed to pay all the legal fees if she agreed to take on Ellie.

Should they win, Phil offered to let Denise handle Raymond's upbringing, as long as he can play a role in his life.

Denise and boyfriend Jack, who is very suspicious about Phil, will debate weather they are able to trust him. What will Denise decide?

Behind the scenes at EastEnders, two crew members have tested positive for coronavirus in separate incidents.

The soap was able to keep filming after a deep clean on set with its strictly health and safety protocols meaning production was not affected.

A BBC spokeswoman told The Sun Online: "We can confirm that two members of the EastEnders team have tested positive for coronavirus and they are now self-isolating at home following the latest government guidelines. 

"We have rigorous protocols in place to manage Covid-19 as the safety of all those involved in the production is paramount."

EastEnders’ Ellie Nixon tries to SELL grandson Raymond to Phil Mitchell for £150k

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