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EastEnders’ Danny Dyer calls Joe Wicks ‘f****** irritating’ and slams fitness fanatics as having no banter

EASTENDERS' Danny Dyer has branded Joe Wicks "f****** irritating" as he slammed fitness fanatics — claiming they have no banter.

Danny, 43, ripped into The Body Coach star, 34, and said he wouldn't be able to relax in his company if they met down the pub.

The Football Factory actor hit out at all male fitness fanatics, saying they have "absolutely no charisma and dialogue whatsoever".

Speaking on his Sorted with the Dyers podcast: "I've met a lot of people who are healthy as f***, and I look at their bodies and I go, 'Look at you, you're ripped to f***.' I go, 'Wow.'

"Then they open their mouth and they've got absolutely no charisma and dialogue whatsoever.

"I've never met a really fit, healthy man who is not f***ing irritating.

"This is going to be an unpopular opinion: Joe Wicks.

"I'm not going to be nasty about him. This man's heart is in the right place - but everything about him is so irritating.

"Maybe because I'm jealous of his body or his hair?

"I wouldn't want to have a one-on-one with him, like going to play snooker. I reckon he'd be s*** at it for one, and also how could you go for a meal with him? When you know he's looking at you with his side-eye.

"Listen, Joe Wicks, I'm sure he's a lovely cat. But it's too much. Because everything that comes out of their mouth is about food and nutrition and staying 'healthy and positive' and all that sort of caper."

The EastEnders star also admitted he used to stay slim during his younger years despite regularly binging on drink, drugs and Big Macs - but he hates having breasts nowadays.

"I've never really cared [about weight]. I had a right result for many, many years. I was hedonistic, I drank a lot and I did take drugs and I could eat a Big Mac meal easy.

"But I always had a real slim body.

"If you go back to The Business I looked like an Adonis in it. It didn't really make sense. I just had a natural, nice shape to me.

"You get into your late 20s and 30s and go, 'Oh OK, now I've grown some t**s.' I don't like having a pair of breasts."

Joe Wicks 'saves lockdown' as he confirms return to three times a week PE lessons on TV

Danny recently built a gym in his garden to reduce his man boobs and said he'd even taken up yin yoga.

But "Worrying less about your figure" was listed as one of the best things about being a man in a 2018 poll.

Watching footie with the lads, being able to go to a pub alone, and enjoying banter with 'the boys' also emerged on a list.

Meanwhile, Joe has been made an MBE for raising £580,000 for the NHS through his daily lockdown workouts.

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