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Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale Euros scheduling – soap changes explained

EASTENDERS, Emmerdale and Coronation Street will be airing fewer episodes of our fave soaps this week due to Euro 2021.

But fans needn’t worry as all three shows will be premiering the whole week’s worth of episodes on their respective streaming sites. Here’s everything you need to know…

When are the soaps on during the Euros?

EastEnders, Emmerdale and Coronation Street have confirmed their scheduling changes for the week commencing Monday, June 14. 

EastEnders fans will only get two visits to Walford on BBC one this week, but viewers needn’t worry about getting their fix as both visits will be an hour-long. 

Emmerdale will also get slightly less screen time than usual, with two hour-long broadcasts and one 30-minute edition airing throughout the week. 

Rather than the usual six episodes, Corrie will have two hour-long broadcasts during the week, as well as a rare Sunday night episode on ITV.

Like its fellow soap Corrie, Emmerdale will be getting a rare Sunday showing on June 20. 


Monday - No show 

Tuesday 7.35pm - One hour show

Wednesday 7.35pm - One hour show

Thursday - No show

Friday - No show

Saturday - No show

Sunday - No show


Monday 8pm - One hour show

Tuesday - No show

Thursday 8pm - One hour show

Friday - No show

Saturday - No show

Coronation Street

Monday 9pm - One hour show

Tuesday - No show

Wednesday - No show

Thursday 9pm - One hour show

Friday - No show

Saturday - No Show

Sunday 8pm - One hour show

How can I watch the soaps before they air? 

Soaps can be a bit of a nightmare to keep track of when major football tournaments cause scheduling changes. 

But fans needn’t worry as the BBC and ITV are trying something new next month. 

Due to the Euros, BBC iPlayer will be premiering episodes of EasEnders for three weeks, beginning on June 14. 

Every Monday at 6am, the whole weeks’ worth of episodes will be uploaded to iPlayer in one go. 

Emmerdale and Coronation Street fans will also be able to watch the soap action earlier than usual throughout the entirety of the Euros tournament. 

ITV will be putting a week’s worth of episodes for both soaps on ITV Hub every Monday from June 14 for a four-week period. 

Will watching soaps early stay after the Euros?

The decision to make the soaps available for streaming at the start of each week is thought to be a temporary measure while Euro 2021 takes pace to avoid the inevitable scheduling nightmare.

So it’s not yet a permanent change and TV listings should go back to normal once the tournament is over. 

EastEnders producer Jon Sen explained: "Giving EastEnders viewers the ability to decide when they drop in on all things Albert Square is something we’re excited about.

"With the inevitable scheduling changes due to the Euros, something we’ll be celebrating in Walford on-screen, box setting all four episodes will ensure everyone gets their dose of drama and football fans won’t miss out.

"From indulging them all in one night, staggering across a few days or continuing to watch the episodes play out on BBC One, we hope the endless streaming options on BBC iPlayer keeps viewers content over the next few weeks."

“There will be times where they let you down, make mistakes and maybe score a few own goals.

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“But you’ll back them till the end and woe betide anyone else who criticises them.

“Given how exciting the stories are, it’s great that fans will have the chance to binge watch all the episodes on ITV Hub at the start of each week.

“As with football, sometimes when it’s an exciting face-off, you really want extra time.”

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