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Dubois vs Joyce LIVE REACTION: Juggernaut calls out Usyk, DDD receives gruesome eye injury – results, latest updates

Heavy artillery

DANIEL DUBOIS was stunned by Joe Joyce as the former Olympian scored a tenth-round stoppage victory in their heavyweight bout.

DDD was cut over his left eye early in the fight and a stunning jab saw the favourite drop down to take a knee in defeat.

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    A UK judge gave Joe Joyce just one round before his stunning 10th round stoppage win over Daniel Dubois.

    The Mirror’s David Anderson said: “Dubois was ahead on two scorecards, one by eight rounds and the other by two. He was behind by two rounds on the third when he quit in the 10th.

    “He’s now gone to the hospital for a scan on his eye.”


    Carl Frampton agreed with Dillian Whyte after sharing his belief that Daniel Dubois ‘quit’ against Joe Joyce.

    The former two-weight world champion, who was ringside for BT Sport, said: “I think that we all like Dubois. He’s a likeable guy. But if it is someone we didn’t like, we would say he quit there.

    “I think he quit there.

    “I have to be brutally honest here. Let’s call a spade a spade, he took a knee from a shot in the eye. His eye was a mess, his eye was closed.

    “But I get dragged out of the ring, I wouldn’t take a knee.

    “I had Dubois a point up at the time of the stoppage, it was a close fight.

    “You have to call it what it is; Dubois quit. But, he is a young kid and he can still come back.”


    Joe Joyce jabbed Daniel Dubois into submission to walk away with the British, Commonwealth and European belts.

    Dubois' was counted out in the heavyweight headliner after taking a knee in round ten with his left eye worryingly swollen.

    Dubois, 23, was ahead on two of the three judges' cards when the fight was stopped, but he was slowly unpicked by a masterful, measured performance as Joyce pulled off the upset.

    Here, SunSport tells the story of the fight.


    Promoter Frank Warren has revealed he is already interested in a rematch between Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce when fans are allowed back in the arena.

    He told BT Sport: “The eye was a massive problem. He couldn't see out of it. I said it was a battle of the jabs. Whoever has the better jab would control the fight.

    “Joe is strong, smart. Daniel said it was a nerve that shot through his eye and he was done. I couldn't see what happened. He was obviously in a lot of pain. He clipped him with a jab and that obviously that did something to his eye.

    “Daniel is a young man – of course he'll carry on. It's something you'll learn from.

    “I tell you what would be great is a rematch – and with a crowd there.”


    Lennox Lewis has given his reaction to his fellow Brits after Joe Joyce's win over Daniel Dubois.

    He tweeted: “Congrats to @JoeJoyceBoxing on a big win. The amateur pedigree can make all the difference in the world.

    “@DynamiteDubois hold ur head up and learn from this this. Definitely not the end.”


    Daniel Dubois has lifted the lid on his crushing defeat to Joe Joyce.

    Dynamite told BT Sport: “He caught me with a good jab – I couldn't see out of the eye. It just happens.

    “I couldn't see out of it – I was trying my best. I've been hit harder, but it was where I was positioned and he hit me on the eye.

    “I was thinking of how to break him down. Joe rode his punches well. I was maybe a bit trigger happy. It is what it is, Joe won.”


    Joe Joyce has set his sights on a WBO world title fight against Oleksandr Usyk.

    He told BT Sport: “I've taken some big shots before. Daniel has got some power but I've felt power like that before. With my experience I've learnt to ride them. I felt his power but I was happy to take, but also not to take it.

    “I started looking at the eye and it was starting to swell up. I was trying not to get too close but also not get backed up on the ropes.

    “I'm ready for Usyk.”


    Tyson Fury has also given his reaction to Joe Joyce's tenth-round knockout over Daniel Dubois.

    He posted an Instagram story which said: “Massive congratulations to my bro Joe Joyce.

    “Brilliant performance, great boxing display.

    “Boxing is a heart sport.”


    Dillian Whyte has ripped into Daniel Dubois for 'qutting' against Joe Joyce.

    As quoted by talkSPORT, he said: “I ain’t got nothing to say, man. I ain’t got nothing to say. Man’s out here quitting.

    “Man’s out here quitting in mid-fight. S***. Man’s out here quitting mid-fight.

    “They were saying they wanna fight me and they were gonna knock me out.

    “One thing with me, no quit, straight warrior.

    “If I’m losing, I’m getting knocked out. Straight warrior, straight warrior.

    “And these cowards wanna mention [me]. F***ing fish eyes and Daniel Dubois, c***s.”


    “I've been hit hard, but the position on the eye… I'm tough, I'll come again,” says Dubois.

    “He rode the punches well, I was a bit trigger-happy, I need to be smarter and place my shots a bit better.

    “I took some big shots, respect to Daniel, he's got power, he's hungry and young and he'll come again,” Joyce says.

    “I felt his power and I was happy to take it… but I preferred to not take it.

    “I started looking at the eye and it was selling up, I was moving away from his right hand, trying not to get backed up.”


    That was an utterly sensational performance from Joe Joyce.

    He jabbed, jabbed and jabbed some more until Dubois had enough. Cracking stuff.


    Round 10

    Dubois' left eye is completely closed and he goes down off a jab and decides to stay down!

    He's has enough! He clearly couldn't see and Joyce has picked up an absolutely huge win!



    Round 9

    Good round for Joyce but DDD with the more eye-catching moments throughout this fight so far.

    It really is up about how the judges will be interpreting the action. Joyce stabbing the jab over and over, turning Dubois' left eye blue, or the Peacock fighter's big bursts of energy.

    Joyce still bopping around, looking like he could do this all day. Dubois looks a little more laboured, but you get the sense a big shot can come from nowhere.

    Great fight!


    Round 8

    Dubois told by his trainer Martin Bowers: “You've worked too hard for this!” So DDD gets off his seat and goes to war again.

    But his eye is really looking pretty messed up… and Joyce continues to jab at it. Short right hand from Joyce gets through this time.

    DDD still in there, probing and coming forward, however, before the referee tells him off for a low blow.

    Joyce continuing to plug away before DDD attempts a huge right hand and just misses.


    Round 7

    Dubois with a huge start to round seven! Hammering down punches on Joyce, who stands there and takes it all! Thrilling stuff.

    Joyce still looking really assured of himself – he doesn't fancy crumbling under any of Dubois' shots.

    DDD's eye is pretty much shut at this point. Joyce will surely look to target that as the fight goes on.

    Great combo from Joyce to end the seventh. Joyce is winning this fight for me. And he's fit as a fiddle.


    Round 6

    Dubois' left eye is beginning to close, and close quick. Joyce continuing to push his big left jab right into that eye, too.

    Dubois does come back with a big right hand, though. But Joyce takes it again!

    Absolutely brilliant fight so far here at the Church House Westminster.

    Joyce boxing really well at range, it's getting harder for Dubois to assert himself. But he lands another nice right hand toward the end of the round!

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