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Drunken yob pulled out clump of PC's hair as she made arrest

A MAN attacked two police officers who went to arrest him after he attacked two cars belonging to strangers.

Blackburn magistrates heard both officers were kicked by Akramul Islam and a female officer had a clump of her hair pulled out.

While she was activating her emergency button she felt the defendant’s teeth biting her hand.

Islam, 22, of Haslam Court, Burnley, pleaded guilty to two charges of criminal damage and two charges of assaulting an emergency worker. He was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison. and ordered to pay £128 victim surcharge of release.

Sazeeda Ismail, prosecuting, Javid Iqbal was working in a shop on Colne Road, Burnley. He went out at 2.30pm and noticed damage to his car. A check on CCTV showed Islam ripping the windscreen wipers of his car and causing a large dent in the bonnet. It also showed him repeatedly kicking a door of another vehicle.

Officers approached Islam and when they asked to speak to him he responded with abuse and tried to walk away.

“He was told he was being arrested by the female officer but pushed her and tried to run away,” said Miss Ismail. “He was taken to the ground by the other officer and during the struggle that followed both were kicked. He got hold of the female officer’s hair and she was shocked at how much came away in his hand.”

Ismail repeated scratched the male officer in the face and then bit his colleague before he was pepper sprayed and eventually subdued.

“The female officer felt immediate throbbing pain in her hand and there were teeth marks on her skin which, fortunately, was broken,” added Miss Ismail.

Vaqas Latif, defending, said it had been a very unpleasant incident which took place while his client had been under the influence of alcohol.

“He had been assaulted and was unable to control his anger and accepts he kicked the cars,” said Mr Latif. “He fully understands the role of the police in looking after the public.”

Mr Latif said his client was subject to prison licence and was co-operating fully with the probation service.

“This has been a blip caused by him consuming alcohol,” said Mr Latif. “He is not a regular drinker but when he does he drinks quite heavily.”

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