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Drug user took police on a high-speed chase around Teesside before crashing car into lamppost

A DRUG addict with a long history of offending has been jailed for two years for his latest crimes.

Christopher Killen burgled the flat when he was searching to score more drugs in October 2018 and less than six months later he was involved in a high-speed police chase.

Teesside Crown Court heard how Killen kicked his way into the flat on Parliament Road, Middlesbrough at around 5.45pm before attempting to steal a mini-disc player and digital tablet device.

Paul Cross, prosecuting, said the defendant was witnessed breaking into the property and a bystander called the police – the burglary was also caught on CCTV.

He said: "He forced the door into the flat and picked up a mini-disc player and a tablet, when the police attended they found him in the sitting room.

"The mini-disc player was found in a pillow case and the tablet was hidden in his sock."

Dealing with the dangerous driving case, Mr Cross told the court that Killen was spotted driving a Vauxhall Insignia at speeds in excess of 100mph as he entered the A19 between Stockton and Middlesbrough.

He said Killen then sped onto the westbound carriageway of the A66, reaching speeds of more than 120mph, before taking the junction at Elton and heading along Yarm Back Lane at speeds in excess of 90mph.

The court heard how the 'engine of the car blew' and Killen lost control of the car and hit a lamppost before trying to escape.

Police arrested him at the scene and a drug test showed traces of cocaine and cannabis in his system.

Killen, of Garrett Walk, Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty to burglary and dangerous driving, as well as driving under the influence of drugs, having no insurance or full driving licence.

In mitigation, Andrew Turton said: "He has spent seven months and five days on remand in relation to the commission of these offences, and by virtue of that, it could be said he has served a significant period in custody already."

He told the court that Killen was planning to move to the Darlington area upon release to 'get away from temptation'.

Judge Paul Watson QC branded Killen's driving as 'appalling' as he jailed him for 14 months for the burglary and passed a consecutive ten-month sentence for the dangerous driving.

He was also banned from driving for 25 months.

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