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Drug dealer jailed for four years after faking his own DEATH with horror torture pics to dodge prison


A NOTORIOUS drug dealer has been jailed after a staged photo showing him tortured to death at the hands of his enemies failed to convince authorities.

Gabriel C was sentenced to four years in prison on November 18 for attempting to collect 113kg of cocaine from Antwerp port in 2016.

On top of the jail term, the dealer also known as Lange Vingers - or "Sponge Fingers" in English - was fined €18,000 (£16,193) for the offence.

According to local media, Fingers said he also has another five-year prison sentence pending for drug offences committed in 2015.

As a result the kingpin faces up to nine years behind bars.

He went missing around a year ago in fear for his life after an Albanian criminal gang targeted him for allegedly stealing a shipment of drugs.

The gang ended up attacking several houses and warehouses with AK-47s and hand grenades, according to reports.

And in an attempt to hide from the ruthless gang, he staged his own death twice.

He first tried to make it appear as if he had drowned in a lake in The Gambia, Africa.

However, after his implausible effort failed to pay off, he attempted to fake his own death again by releasing an unconvincing photo that staged his torture at the hands of his enemies.

In the photo, the word "thief" is carved on his chest in capital letters and appears tied to a chair and covered in blood from multiple lacerations.

Defending, Gabriel C's lawyer claimed his client was sorry for his actions and that his wife and three-year-old son had since taught him what "taking responsibility" meant.

This led the judge to reduce his sentence from five years to four in last month's verdict.

The drug dealer's immediate arrest has been ordered by Belgian authorities.

However, it is unclear if he has since been arrested or how he has managed to avoid prison.

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