A group of drug users played ‘pass the parcel’ with a helpless baby boy and ended up dumping the distressed child at a hospital, police say. The boy’s ordeal began when his dad Jeffrey Grieninger, 31, and Grieninger’s girlfriend, Jessica Bridge, allegedly brought him to a party in Fredricksburg, Virginia, on August 31.

Grieninger and Bridge are said to have abandoned the baby with other drug users while high, before driving off and promising to return to collect him. The baby – estimated to be as young as 12 months old – began to cry, and would not stop, it is claimed.

That prompted his drug-addled babysitters, who have not been named, to drop the youngster off at a Safe Haven at the Mary Washington Hospital in Fredricksburg.



The male babysitter told a hospital staff member that he was not the baby’s dad, and that he had no information about the child’s real parents.


Virginia has a Safe Haven law allowing parents to leave an unwanted baby at designated safe spots – but that rule stipulates that any affected youngster must be relinquished within 14 days of his or her birth.

Staff at the hospital recovered the baby, and cared for him, The Free Lance-Star reported. The next morning, an unidentified man believed to be Grieninger called to say his stepson said he’d handed the baby in the previous night.

A woman believed to be Bridge also called police the following day to report the little boy missing. Investigators say they were given conflicting stories about how the baby had come to end up at the hospital.

Grieninger and Bridge have since been charged – Grieninger over a probation violation, and Bridge in connection to a stolen car said to have been used to take the baby to hospital.

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