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Driver batters man as woman screams ‘stop it!’ in London petrol station row and customer ‘KOed’ in South Wales

TWO men became embroiled in a violent brawl at a petrol station in a row over petrol as a customer was knocked out at another forecourt.

One of the men can be heard shouting “he stole my place” after raining down punched and kicking the second driver.

The man, dressed in a black t-shirt and black cap, lashes out that another customer at the Shell garage in Eltham, South East London.

The second man, dressed in a grey tracksuit attempts to defend himself from the attack before being launched into a parked car.

A woman, dressed in white, then stars screaming at them saying “What the f*** are you doing, stop it!

“What the f*** is wrong with you. Get back in your car.”

The man dressed in a black cap is then pulled by a third man, and begins shouting “he stole my place” and “you hit me in the face.”

A second brawl broke out at a Texaco garage in Mumbles, South Wales, yesterday which saw one man fall to the floor after being punched.

Staff at the Londis store attached to the forecourt could be seen trying to calm the situation down, as a woman commented that someone had been “knocked out.”

Two police vehicles then arrived at the scene to speak to those involved in the fight over fuel.

One witness said: "I was sat in the pub opposite when I could screaming and shouting so I looked out the window.

"I could see around four or five young men fighting over petrol. I think they were pushing in. Then one started to push another and all hell broke loose.  

"I saw the one lad get punched and pushed to the ground.

"The police turned up around 30 mins later but it had calmed down then. I can't believe their fighting each other like this over petrol. Madness."

The Sun has contacted the Metropolitan Police and South Wales Police for a comment.

"I could see around four or five young men fighting over petrol. I think they were pushing in.


The fights come after days of motorists clashing to try rush to get fuel after the country was plunged into a petrol crisis.

One man was caught on camera brandishing what appeared to be a knife and went on to threaten a fellow motorist.

The weekend frenzy reached fever pitch this morning, as motorists continue to besiege filling stations after a weekend of chaos.

Drivers are facing huge queues at petrol station forecourts across the country as the petrol pump chaos caused by panic buying and a shortage of HGV drivers continues.

Motorists have also been warned that they could be breaking the LAW by stockpiling petrol - here's how to not get caught out.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, you can only legally store up to 30 litres of petrol at your home without informing the correct authorities.


This means that Brits who are needlessly stockpiling petrol at home in jerry cans could be breaking the law.

Rules say that just 20 litres of petrol can be stored in a metal jerry can at home, either in a shed or garage.

And no more than 10 litres are allowed to be held in plastic alternative containers.

If Brits are holding more than this - they legally have to tell their local Petroleum Enforcement Authority (PEA) in writing.

Guidelines also dictate that you must give them your name and address of storage location.

When driving from a petrol station, you can only carry two jerry cans in a vehicle at one time - and they must be stored in the boot.

Which petrol stations are closed and where can I buy fuel from

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