A DRIVER who found his route blocked by a road traffic collision forgot to put his handbrake on when he got out of his car to ask a police officer what was happening.

Blackburn magistrates heard the officer noticed the error and also noticed that Simon Thompson smelled of alcohol.

Thompson, 35, of Fellmongers Keep, Pendleton, pleaded guilty to driving while unfit through drink. He was fined £300 with £85 costs and £32 victim surcharge and banned from driving for 12 months.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said an officer was dealing with an incident about midnight when Thompson drove up to the blocked road.

"As he opened his door to get out he hadn't put the handbrake on properly," said Mrs Mann.

"The officer went to speak to him and smelled alcohol."

Michael Alexander, defending, said his client had gone to get some cigarettes and his last drink had been some five or six hours earlier.