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Dr Pimple Popper takes on her biggest ever ‘pimple’ which weighs almost a stone

DR Pimple Popper takes on her biggest ever 'spot' challenge in the very first episode of the new series of her hit TV show.

And when the massive growth was finally removed it weighed in at nearly a stone and looked just like a human BRAIN.

Farmer Tim – who lives in Walstonburg, North Carolina – explained he’s had the 12lb lump on his back for “at least ten years.”

He told TLC viewers: "It’s heavy. I’m walking with a limp due to the extra weight.

"I’ve seen doctors but I’ve kept putting it off. But the lump is in the way. Driving a tractor hurts.”

Due to the mass, single Tim doesn’t go out with his friends and hadn’t dated for years.

Dr Sandra Lee described the bump as “the biggest" she had ever seen adding "it’s a world-record breaking lipoma.”

But she warned: "The bigger the bump, the bigger the closure. It’s not something I take lightly.”

The reality star said she was determined to whip out the lipoma -  a benign tumour made of fat - in one go using the smallest closure possible.

She said: "I have given birth to two baby boys and neither of them were the size and weight of this that I took out of Tim’s body.

"It’s the heaviest mass I’ve removed.”

Tim, who was delighted with the operation, said: "I’ve got back to the dating scene. Dr Lee has changed my life. She’s an awesome lady.”

The latest video comes as millions across the globe have become hooked on watching the famous doc explode gross pus-filled spots and cysts.

She already has more than one million followers on her YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Initially surprised by the popularity, she suspects we just hid our love for watching pimple popping and now we’re all "out of the closet" with the knowledge that so many others like the same thing.

"It’s part fascination, part can’t look away, not unlike watching a car accident," she said.