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Dozens of Sandhurst cadets broke Covid rules in booze-fuelled party at prestigious military academy

SANDHURST college cadets have been disciplined for breaking Covid rules by holding a booze-fuelled party at the prestigious military academy, it’s reported.

An investigation has been launched after trainee officers blatantly breached social distancing rules by throwing a raucous party in the Old College.

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It is believed about 50 officer cadets — who were under strict orders to stay in three separate "platoon bubbles" — got drunk together on glow in the dark drinks as well as embracing each other, reports the Mail On Sunday.

Military glow-sticks were also activated and a TV was smashed during the "rave" last Saturday.

Members of 22, 23 and 24 platoons of Burma Company were said to be punished with painful 5am room inspections and extra cleaning duties.

Meanwhile, commanders are deciding whether to suspend the ringleaders.

The cadets had just completed the first part of their one-year training but had been locked down inside for the past three months to avoid spreading Covid within the prestigious Berkshire military academy. 

It was like a rave with the lights out and everyone downing luminous cocktails [drinks that glow under ultraviolet light] and hugging each other

Academy source

A source told the Mail: "It started well enough with everyone staying in their platoons, but as they drank more, the social distancing which has been in place for months went out the window.

"It was like a rave with the lights out and everyone downing luminous cocktails [drinks that glow under ultraviolet light] and hugging each other.

"They'd been confined to base since arriving here. I think they'd just had enough of all the restrictions and regulations, which is understandable. 

"But given that Army officers are supposed to set an example by their conduct, they've really let themselves and their instructors down."

It comes after Colonel Andrew Jackson was removed from his role as Deputy Chief of the Army's 16 Air Assault Brigade after it was reported in May he hosted a drinks party in Colchester.

An Army spokesman said: "We are aware of an incident at Sandhurst last week. 

"While this matter is under investigation it would be inappropriate to comment further. 

"Those who fall short of the Army's high standards can expect to face sanctions."

Sandhurst, which was established in 1812, is world famous for its standard of training, with former cadets including Sir Winston Churchill and Princes William and Harry.

Prince William stands in for the Queen at Sandhurst Sovereign’s Parade

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