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Donald Trump’s surprise speech branded one of ‘most dishonest’ ever given by president

Donald Trump’s surprise speech has been branded “one of the most dishonest” he has ever given.

The 46-minute taped speech on Facebook saw the outgoing president repeat a string of debunked and false claims about the election results and voter fraud.

Mr Trump had called the event “maybe the most important speech I’ve ever made” even as he predicted it would be “disparaged” by his critics.

“Pres Trump in this 46 minute video he just released says this might be the most important speech he has ever given,” tweeted Yamiche Alcindor, White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour.

“What's clear is that it might be one of his most dishonest speeches he's ever given. He's making baseless claims that courts, the AG & DHS have said didn't happen.

“Wisconsin has already certified its vote.

“But, Trump keeps saying he ‘miraculously’ and ‘unexpectedly' lost when the mail in ballots were counted. He even brings out charts in this video showing how he lost.

“But, it's clear Biden supporters were more inclined to vote by mail.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper said the video left Mr Trump looking like the “sorest loser” in presidential history.

“Really leaning into being the sorest loser in American political history — the full video is 46 minutes long and chock full of lie after lie after lie,” tweeted Mr Tapper.

His CNN colleague Jim Acosta also attacked the video’s dishonesty.

“Trump has released what appears to be a 46 min video of a speech filled with more lies about the election. This was produced by WH and was not recorded in view of the press,” tweeted Mr Acosta.

Commissioner Al Schmidt, the Philadelphia Republican who helps oversees elections in the city, also slammed Mr Trump.

“In the ‘most important speech he’s ever made,’ the President of the United States announced that he would rather oppose democracy than accept defeat,” tweeted Mr Schmidt.

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