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Donald Trump Jr mocks Kamala Harris for cringeworthy Tupac ‘best rapper alive’ comment

DONALD Trump Jr has mocked Kamala Harris for her cringeworthy Tupac "best rapper alive" comment.

CNN commentator Angela Rye asked the vice presidential nominee, during an interview on Friday, "best rapper alive?" to which Harris replied "Tupac."

Rye then reminded Harris that the rapper has been dead for over 20 years, leading her to quickly correct herself, saying "not alive, I know, I keep doing that."

The anchor then joked: "Listen, West Coast girls think Tupac lives on; I'm with you."

Tupac has been the subject of baseless conspiracy theories that he faked his own 1996 death.

"If you're going to pander at least know the basics," he wrote on Friday night.

Trump's son then asked his followers again "who's gonna tell her?" on Saturday afternoon.

As the interview with CNN continued, Harris struggled to name a living rapper, saying "there's so many, you know?

"There's some I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane," Harris concluded before passing on the question.

The president's children have taken numerous hits at Harris since she was picked as Joe Biden's running mate.

Last month, Eric, the president's second son, branded the decision as "shocking" and "scary."

"What's shocking to me is that you pick a person who pretty much called you racist and who said that she believed… sexual assault accusers," Eric Trump told Fox News Rundown Extra Radio Saturday.

"That's a little bit scary, right?" the Trump Organization vice president added.

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