Donald Trump is considering erecting billboards to name and shame immigrant criminals in the cities where they live, it is claimed. The President of the United States election campaign is said to be considering erecting the boards in US ‘sanctuary cities’ ahead of the November 3 presidential poll.

Sanctuary cities – including New York, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon – aim to protect undocumented immigrants by limiting their officials’ cooperation with federal immigration authorities. They are intended to make illegal migrants feel safer about reporting crimes without fear of deportation.

CNN reported that the boards in question would be erected by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. They would draw attention to immigrants accused of committing crimes who have subsequently been released by local authorities.



The Department of Homeland Security – which oversees ICE – faces heavy criticism over the boards amid claims their main purpose is to boost the president’s personal polling numbers ahead of an election his rival Joe Biden is forecast to win.

Former ICE acting director John Sandweg said: ‘How are they getting funding for it? How does that advance their mission? Running billboards, it’s political messaging.’

Sandweg highlighted that billboards have previously been erected to try and track down wanted criminals or advance an ongoing investigation – but never purely for the purpose of trying to shame city leaders.

Trump has long railed against sanctuary cities, and threatened to remove federal government funding from them in the early days of his presidency.

He has also threatened to release illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities to get back at the Democrat mayors who run them.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post claimed that ICE is preparing a series of targeted raids in sanctuary cities.

ICE bosses say releasing immigrants with criminal convictions increases the number of preventable crimes committed.

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