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Don Jr ripped to shreds for claiming he worked his way to top

Donald Trump Jr has been mocked for claiming that he worked his way up in the Trump Organisation.

Mr Trump Jr, 42, made the claims on Thursday, while attempting to criticise Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

“My father gave me an opportunity to work my way up in his company. Joe gave his son China,” the president’s eldest child wrote on Twitter.

Social media users were confused about Mr Trump Jr’s claims, as he has worked for the Trump Organisation for nearly two decades and currently serves as their executive vice president.

He also worked as a boardroom judge on the TV show, The Apprentice, which his father Donald Trump was the host of for 14 seasons.

Journalist Jennifer Hayden tweeted: “The most hilarious tweet I've ever read on this site. He really worked his way up the ladder after college, from VP to Executive VP. This guy gets it.”

Writer Touré added: “The lack of self-awareness is stunning—’I worked my way up through my father’s company.’”

Columbia University professor Shamus Khan wrote: “I feel like the only way you could think this is if you were actually this dumb.”

While journalist Oliver Willis replied: “Is this what he told you?”

Others were confused about the China link, in light of the news earlier this week that the president has a bank account and paid more than $188,561 (£144,199) in taxes in the country between 2013 and 2015. The president paid just $750 (£573) in taxes in the US in 2016 and 2017.

“Does that mean Hunter got your dad's secret Chinese bank account? And the taxes he paid to China?” tweeted journalist Robert Schlesinger.

While David Binkowski replied: “This you?” and linked to an article about president Trump’s Chinese bank account.

Alongside his father, Donald Trump Jr has repeatedly attacked the former vice-president’s son and has attempted without success to prove that Mr Biden and his son have been involved in corruption in Ukraine.

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