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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s daughter Lyssa Chapman and fiancée Leiana make rare appearance together on romantic date night

LYSSA Chapman treated fans to a rare post with her fiancée, Leiana, as the couple went out for a romantic date night together. 

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s daughter took a stroll in the beautiful island nature of Hawaii with her bride-to-be before they sat down for a candlelit dinner. 

Lyssa, 33, began her day at the beach where she complained that the “tourists are definitely back” as a man wipes out on his surfboard. 

She then snapped a video in the passenger seat of the car as Leiana drove them to their date night. 

The reality star looked pretty in a pink and white striped fuzzy sweater with her hair pulled back. 

Leiana can only be seen in a quick glimpse but sported a black shirt and black cap. 

As the pair walked up a hill, Lyssa showed off the gorgeous Hawaiian bushes and palm leaves that surround a palm. 

Just a few feet behind her was Leiana who was taking in the beautiful scenery as well. 

The pair then ate dinner at a local restaurant and shared an appetizing clip of their creme brûlée dessert. 

Lyssa filmed as her partner used her spoon to whack the crystalized top coat. 

“Aggressive crack,” Lyssa said along with a big laugh. 

Back in August, Lyssa exclusively spoke to The Sun about how she and Leiana rekindled their relationship following a rough patch.

Their relationship suffered as Lei's brother Gerrit died in a tragic plane crash in 2017 and Lyssa lost her stepmom, Beth Chapman, after battling cancer last year.

While speaking to The Sun, Lyssa revealed that she considered moving away from the couple's Hawaii home to the US mainland earlier this year while she and Lei were going through a difficult time.

The couple instead chose to have a "staycation," which allowed them to reconnect.

Lyssa said: "We decided that since there was a little bit of a lag in COVID, we would take a little love trip for a weekend.”

She continued: "I feel like before we got put on lockdown, things were a little bit rockier in the relationship, but it was almost a blessing for us to live together and not be able to leave.

"It kind of forced us to spend a little bit more time together and rekindle something.”

Earlier this month, The Sun also exclusively revealed Lyssa has teamed up with fellow reality star Rainy Robinson, who appeared on Dog’s Most Wanted, and together the pair plan to use their bounty hunting skills to help reunite families with their missing loved ones.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Lyssa said: “Basically Rainy and I were chatting about the skills and everything that we've acquired over the years and the best place to use those.

“We started chatting about missing people cases and we realized that there is a huge need right now. It is a huge calling for us especially when it comes to children that are getting involved in sex trafficking and sex crime.

“Most of these children are labeled runaways and a lot of these cases slip through the fingers of the police.

“In Hawaii alone, we have had more missing children this year than we have had coronavirus deaths,” she said, adding that she feels very “passionate” about her latest project. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter's daughter Lyssa shares sweet selfie with fiancee Leiana as she celebrates love for Coming Out Day

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