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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Bonnie, 21, joins George Floyd protesters in Colorado

DOG The Bounty Hunter's daughter Bonnie joined protestors on Tuesday as they demanded justice for George Floyd's death.

The 21-year-old walked alongside Coloradans as they marched protesting police brutality.

Bonnie shared a series of Instagram stories that showed she was among those protesting the death of George Floyd.

In the videos that she posted, she can be heard cheering on with protestors and zooming in on signs that read "Black Lives Matter" and "Every number has a name."

The 21-year-old also shared a social media image of a group of diverse women with the words: "It's not black vs. white, it's everybody vs. racism."

Along with the Instagram picture, she wrote: "Enough is enough. We must stand together and fight systematic racism.

"If you’re unable to protest please consider donating to a bail fund in your state (for the peaceful protesters, I don’t condone looting).

"Don’t stay silent, speak for those who have been wronged. #blm"

Her father Duane Chapman also took the time to stand up for Black Lives Matter as he posted a black square during #BlackOutTuesday.

He also shared a letter by James A. Quadra asking Michael Freeman, county attorney, for the arrest and prosecution of Derek  Chauvin, after he murdered George Floyd.

The letter also condemned the county attorney for not charging the three other officers in aiding in the murder.

Bonnie and her father are two of many celebs who have joined protestors in the front-lines as they chant against police brutality.

The family is getting ready to remember Bonnie's late mom, Beth Chapman, on her one-year death anniversary this upcoming June 26.

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