A dog who had waited 500 days for a new owner was given a celebratory guard of honour when she finally left her animal shelter.

Bonita jumped into the air in joy to greet witnesses who showered her in confetti as she finally left the Niagara SPCA animal shelter in Niagara Falls in New York, US, on 12 December.

She was filmed wagging her tail in delight and handing out kisses at her leaving parade before her new best friend, Ray Kinz, took her home for the first time.



The video of Bonita leaving the shelter with Ray, 39, has been seen millions of times online.

She was the oldest and longest serving animal at the SPCA shelter.

Ray said: ‘Upon arriving at the shelter, I asked what dog had been there the longest and which one was the oldest, Bonita was both.

‘I knew Bonita was the one when we had our first meet-and-greet, she showed nothing but love towards me.

‘She is the most loving and caring girl anyone could ask for, she can act like a two-year-old full of energy, or an old school soul who just wants to cuddle and sleep.

‘The past few days have been nothing shy of amazing and I am so grateful for her coming into my life.’

Kimberly LaRussa, event coordinator at the Niagara SPCA, said Bonita would be dearly missed.

She added: ‘Everybody loves her so much, and a lot of our employees are used to seeing her every day, so I know we are all going to miss her like crazy.

‘Now she gets to be the lady of the house, which I’m sure is a dream come true for her.’