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Does Teen Mom Amber Portwood have custody of her son James?

TEEN Mom Amber Portwood has two children, including 2-year-old James.

Portwood is “hurt” she has “lost so much time” with the toddler.

Does Amber Portwood have custody of James?

Amber Portwood's former boyfriend Andrew Glennon has been granted primary physical custody of little James.

Portwood has three unsupervised visits a week with the toddler in wake of her arrest for domestic violence in July 2019.

A source close to the Teen Mom star told The Sun she is “really hurt” over the amount of time she has lost with her youngest child. 

“Amber has to drive four hours in one day to see him," the insider said.

"She has lost so much time with him. She sees him three days a week.”

Amber, who is also mom to daughter Leah, 12, with ex-fiance Gary Shirley, is “fighting for her son.”

The source continued: “She has such a great relationship with Gary. She has never had to fight like this before. She wants at least half custody. That’s much more equal and much more time with James.”

As The Sun previously reported, Amber has a temporary restraining order against Andrew to prevent him from interfering with their court-ordered custody agreement. 

Amber claimed Andrew refused to let her see their son the week of Christmas. 

She was accused of attacking Glennon in 2019 and was arrested for domestic violence.

Is Amber still dating Dimitri Garcia?

Portwood has split from her Belgian boyfriend Dimitri Garcia because “Covid kept them apart,” but they remain close today.

A description for her storyline for Season 9 of Teen Mom OG confirmed the speculation, as it read: “Amber ends her long-distance relationship with Dimitri.”

However, Amber fueled reconciliation speculation when she posted a selfie of Dimitri in January. 

Amber captioned the post: “My little viking!! I guess I’m feeling some type of way this morning? Today is a great day through and even better in a couple hours.”

A source close to Amber told The Sun: “He's still in her life, but they’re not anything official.

"He left the country and they can't really be together right now.”

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