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Does Bling Empire star Kane Lim have plastic surgery?

NETFLIX'S hottest new reality series Bling Empire gives fans a look at the luxurious lifestyle of rich Asians in Los Angeles.

Kane Lim, one of the stars of Bling Empire, has been the target of plastic surgery speculations on social media.

Who is Kane Lim?

Singaporean Kane Lim's wealth comes from his billionaire father’s shipping and property empire.

The 31-year-old fashionisto likes to splash his cash on his 300-strong bejeweled shoe collection worth $380,000.

Photos of extravagant clothes, shoes and watches flood his Instagram feed. 

“I have walked into a designer shoe store and said, ‘I’ll take one pair of everything you have in every color, I’ll take it all’," Lim said of his love of shopping.

At age 17, Lim's father gave him a loan to start his own fashion label. 

Lim claims to have made a million dollars in business by the age of 20. 

He now invests in property and sells on lavish Los Angeles houses for a profit - one of his houses is currently listed for nearly $2.7million. 

Before Bling Empire, he has already become an Instagram influencer - with even pop star Rihanna following him.

Does Lim have plastic surgery?

Lim has not publicly revealed whether or not he's had plastic surgery done.

When approached for comment by The US Sun, he didn't immediately respond.

What is his net worth?

Kane Lim has an estimated net worth of $20million.

Who is the richest star in Bling Empire?

Anna Shay, dubbed the “queen of Los Angeles”, half Japanese and half Russian has a reported $600million net worth.

Christine Chiu, who runs a luxury plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills with her husband, has a estimated $50million net worth.

Model Kevin Kreider's reported net worth stands at $10million.

Fashion influencer Jaimie Xie has an estimated $10million net worth.

Media Mogul Kelly Mi Li's estimated net worth stands at $20million.

Kim Lee, a Vietnamese DJ, has a reported $10million net worth.

And Cherie Chan, an ex-pop star who was at one time signed to Sony Music Japan, has a reported $200milllion net worth.

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