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Dodgy tan lines and flashing my privates… what happened when I tried Oh Polly’s Demi Rose swimwear


DEMI Rose is making waves for her beach style after teaming up with e-retailer Oh Polly to create a racy range of metallic bikinis and one-pieces.

The Instagram star’s eye-popping range – think high-rise waists so extreme they’ve sparked a new waxing trend – has been dubbed “the sexiest swimwear of the season”.

Model Demi, 24, who boasts a 24 inch waist and 26 inch hips, looks sensational in the head-turning collection thanks to her hourglass curves, pert boobs and cellulite-free legs.

But shoppers are divided over whether the buckled, modesty-flashing designs will work in real life.

One joked the bottoms are so high-cut they look “painful”, while others fear they’d “fall out” and flash a nipple if they attempted a swim.

Here, Fabulous Digital enlisted the help of Hannah Shaw, 33, from Essex, to give them a go. Hannah is a size 16, which is the average woman’s clothing size in the UK.

I’ve never felt as exposed as I have in Demi Rose’s £52 High Standards white thong and gold belly-chain swimsuit.

I’m scared to move. The costume is so high-cut that one wrong turn will have me flashing my bits to the poor photographer.

I was excited to try out the new line - the designs are cool and unique - but, in reality, they’re not made for a normal, size 16 woman.

I had to have a Hollywood wax before the shoot; there is NO room to hide a spot of unruly down-there fuzz.

Standing in the studio, in a costume that reveals more than it actually covers, I’m feeling very self-conscious of my bottom half.

I constantly have to pull down the front to avoid an awkward camel toe situation.

The costume is so high-cut that one wrong turn will have me flashing my bits

Hannah Shaw33

Not practical for real life when you want to sprint to the poolside bar and grab a pina colada!

The range starts at a size XS, which is the equivalent of a UK size four, with a 30 inch bust and 22.5 inch waist.

Despite her voluptuous curves, petite Demi clocks in at a size six.

I’m wearing an XL (the largest size on sale), but it feels very snug. It’s clear this particular size 16 is more suitable for a woman nearer a size 12-14.

As well as the fear of flashing my privates, I’m also concerned about how unbearably hot the metal chain would become in the sun.

You’d also be left with some very questionable tan lines.

I constantly have to pull down the front to avoid an awkward camel toe situation

Hannah Shaw 33

Despite my reservations, the quality of the swimwear really is great; the fabric feels luxe and the white doesn’t go see-through when wet.

The prices – starting at £22 for a rose gold thong bottom – also aren't entirely out of reach for us mere non-model mortals.

The second look was just as daring as the first – a £28 bronze buckled bikini called Hidden Treasure with, you guessed it, a thong back.

You can’t have any bum woes in this swimwear.

Again, the high-rise style – so high it literally finishes above my belly button - is a little on the small side and I'd feel way more confident with a sarong.

The bronze is gorgeous and would be flattering on a variety of skin tones

Hannah Shaw33

But, the bikini top feels surprisingly supportive and gives my chest a good shape - and it's no surprise Demi opted to model this set in her campaign.

Confident I won’t fall out of this, I’d be more likely to wear the top at a festival with shorts than on the beach.

The bronze is gorgeous and would be flattering on a variety of skin tones.

Finally, I brave the £55 metallic grey swimsuit, aptly named Treasure Chest. It looks like something from medieval times but, surprisingly, is my favourite of the three.

Strapped into the one-piece with not one, but two belts, I'm feeling much more secure and supported - and hey, maybe it's a bold statement but I think I'd even be able to walk across the beach in this one.

The metallic grey swimsuit looks like something from medieval times

Hannah Shaw33

It's still very high-cut and, like the first style, it could benefit from being a little bigger - but it's sturdier and I feel less exposed.

The thing I'm most surprised about is that this costume is actually comfy.

When I saw the thong back, I was a little terrified, but I needn't have been. I felt really confident in it.

How high-cut swimwear has sparked a new waxing trend

Waxing expert Louise Tattersal says the eye-popping new swimwear styles have resulted in a surge of requests for high-leg waxes.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, owner of Bodilight beauty clinic, Louise explained: "Ever since the launch of this year's Love Island, requests for high-leg bikini waxing has soared. We're dubbing it The Love High-land.

"With the latest swimwear trends getting higher and skimpier, the desire to have most of the bikini line hair removed is a popular choice for women heading to the beach.

"Even ladies that aren’t a fan of a higher leg line designs still opt for a high leg bikini wax, so everything is all neat and tidy with no risk of pubic hair peeping out the sides."

Overall, it was a mixed experience. It would be great if Oh Polly could cater to bigger sizes and you really need to be body confident to wear them – there’s nowhere to hide.

But I’m keeping the grey swimsuit – now all I need to do is book a fabulous holiday to go with it…

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