A future pandemic could wipe out human beings unless we learn from the current coronavirus crisis, experts have warned.

Veterinary epidemiologist, Dirk Pfeiffer, said people may not be equipped to fight a potential next pandemic in future.

Experts have pointed towards human behaviour paving the way for pandemics.

This includes widespread deforestation and expansion of farmland to help feed the planet's increasing population.

And Dr Pfeiffer said unless we learn from the Covid-19 outbreak, the next pandemic could be the one that marks the end for our species.

He told South China Morning Post: “The risk is absolutely growing. It could happen in 20 years or next year.

“So far we can deal with them, they don’t kill enough of us. The next one could be the one that does.”

He said: “We need to be thinking about pandemics in the same way we think about climate change – it’s an existential threat to us, but it’s one we can actually control, because we’re the drivers of it."