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Doctor explains why parents should never take phones away from their kids – even if you worry they’re too young

A DOCTOR and mother-of-three has revealed why it's a bad idea to get rid of your kids phone even if you think they are too young.

Doctor Beverly Pell is the founder of Smart Digital Kids, which is focused on educating parents, educators and children to use technology safely.

Dr Pell who is believed to live in the USA, also posts advice to parents on her Instagram account, drbeverlypell, and one video has peaked the interest of lot's of parents.

The video has been viewed over one million times as Dr Pell explains why you shouldn't take your child's phone off them.

There is a lot of debate online about when is the right age for your child to have their own mobile phone.

Many parents think they should get one when they start walking to and from school on their own, whilst others say they must pass a certain age before getting their hands on one.

Everyone has their own valid reasons for giving or not giving their child a phone, but Dr Pell warns that if you have given them one already, and decided you've changed your mind, that you should not take it away from them.

Dr Pell writes: "At what age did you give your child a smartphone?

"It doesn’t matter really, because you can’t just take it away—unless you want to sabotage relationships in your household."

She said that the main reason kids use their phone is to connect with their friend.

Whether they are a child, tween or teenager, Dr Pell warns that taking their phone away only makes them lose their connections and causes them emotional pain.

She also notes in the caption that by doing this, you are sabotaging your relationship with your child.

Dr Pell writes: "That doesn’t mean you and your child can’t talk about the positives and negatives of using digital devices on a daily basis.

"You’re the parent and what you say goes (because you love your kid) but HOW you say it and do it and WHY you make your decision to rethink smartphone use in your home will be the difference between contentment and sorrow."

One user wrote: "I got my first smartphone when I was 10. But it was only for calling my parents and I never cared much about it."

Another person responded: "I got one when I was 6/7 but at the time there was nothing to watch or do as a 6/7 year old, so I got a real phone number when I was 8 so I could contact my mom or family and never been addicted really."

A third user totally disagreed with Dr Pell: "completely disagree- I didn't have a smartphone until high school and frankly, I don't think even ADULTS should have these. We're teaching our children to be addicts, no one knows how to socialise- take it away so you're kid can develop some REAL connections."

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