Stuart Beaton and his business partner Martin Brown co-own a security firm called Advanced Fire and Security Systems in Wallsend. Business must be going well.

Over the last three seasons they've invested in advertising space at St James' Park, and their logo has been beamed back to fans inside the stadium at every home game.

"You pay a certain amount and you get two minutes of advertising a game and your logo goes around the hospitality areas," explains Stuart.

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Another benefit of the sponsorship, for life long Toon fans such as Stuart and Martin, is tickets for some of the best seats in the house and the opportunity to invite business clients.

"We were thinking about not renewing, but now that the takeover has gone through we’re going to take another three years out on it."

Last Sunday they decided to go one further and sponsor the match ball. This package lets you access the stadium via the Players' Entrance, and walk up the tunnel to take pitchside photographs before the game.

After that, the party are led to the hospitality section via steps up the Milburn Stand, passing the Directors' Box. Stuart and Martin have sponsored the match ball on a couple of occasions and on the morning of the Tottenham game, Stuart had an idea.

"I rang up Martin and said ‘why don’t we get a shirt printed, and when we’re walking up passed the directors' box we can put it on Amanda Staveley's seat to say thank you on behalf of everyone for ending the 14 years of misery," he explained.

"But as we were walking up the stand, who walks out? The Chairman and about 20 security guards. We couldn’t get near her seat.

At the end of the game the pair spoke to their contact via whom they book the hospitality and asked if there was any chance he could get the shirt to Amanda.

Business partners Martin and Stuart pose with their gift for Amanda Staveley before the Tottenham game

"I said if it doesn’t get through, we’ve got our pictures, for the sake of £100 just do what you can do."

Five minutes later Stuart and Martin were being ushered towards The Chairman's Suite by security who said: ‘I’ve been told to come and get you’.

"This guy came out, he was asking about our business. I think it was Amanda’s PR guy. He said ‘Amanda has the shirt and has asked me to invite you in, if you want to come?’"

The pair walked into the exclusive suite - "It looks like a nightclub" says Stuart - and they were immediately embraced by Amanda Staveley.

"Straight away she gave us a hug and said thank you for the shirt and that she really appreciated it. She had a real interest in our business and began asking what we do."

They took photographs with Amanda and the shirt and she told them she was going to put it in her new office. Then she asked if the pair would like to meet the Chairman.

"We were like - 100%!"

"He was exactly the same - brilliant. We didn’t get a hug off him - I think Martin was trying - but he has a firm handshake, put it that way! He was asking us what we do and we took more photos.

"He was saying 'it looks like it’s going to be a positive future.'

"I said to Martin afterwards ‘not many people would do that, they’ve got nothing to prove, they don’t have to prove themselves to anyone. They’ve given up their time, which I imagine would’ve been in high demand, to meet a local company like we are. I thought it was brilliant."

After about ten minutes of chatting they left. Stuart admits it isn't the first time he has been invited into the Chairman's suite as a sponsor.

"I did go in after we won the Championship and Lee Charnley was on the karaoke singing ‘We Are The Champions’, it was surreal!"

The pair plan to sponsor Jamaal Lascelles for the home games against Man. City, Liverpool and Brighton, so perhaps they will get to meet their new friends at those games too.

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