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DIY fanatic shares how to decorate your house on a tiny budget including an easy way to make your space look bigger

JUST because you're on a budget, doesn't mean you can't redecorate your home and give it a super bouji feel.

Interior home stylist Avant Garde Home has shared some useful tips for those who want to tackle their entire pad without breaking the bank - and why a rug is key.

The knowledgable stylist, from Boston, USA, regularly shares tips and tricks on TikTok, which are particularly useful for those living in relatively small spaces.

Her number one tip for decorating without going overboard is to take one step at a time - more specifically, start with one room and make your way through the rest, slowly.

The pro stylist says to prioritise and figure out the room you'll use the most - and that should be your starting point.

A common mistake people often make is to buy everything at once, and cheap home decor at that.

By doing this, she says you'll end up buying cheaper quality items which will need replacing down the line therefore costing you more in the long run.

Her advice? Buy high-quality where and when you can and, obviously, within your means.

Remember, if you stick to her advice, you'll be doing one room at a time so your big ticket items will be spaced out allowing you time to budget for each.

What's more, she recommends saving your money for investment pieces and avoid splurging on accessories decorative items because trends comes and go too quickly - so you might end up wanting to change them up in the future.

Instead, invest in pieces you'll use the most, such as a sofa - don't be tempted to buy an expensive dining table if you rarely use it, for example.

Speaking of your sofa, in another clip she revealed the importance of choosing the right one, as it makes a huge difference in how big or small your room can feel.

Choose one with an open base as they "promote a sense of airiness" creating the illusion furniture is afloat.

Chunky bases often make the space look and feel small so avoid it where you can.

She also says to avoid patterns in a small spaces - whether that's your curtains, wallpaper or larger furniture items - as it instantly makes the room look and feel cluttered - instead go for neutrals and solid colours.

Large mirrors and transparent furniture, such as a glass tabletop, are ideal for small spaces, too, as they don't take up any "visual space," according to the pro.

But the best thing to do is consider the size of the rug in any room (and you should always have a rug).

A rug too small, she says, will make your space feel tiny, particularly in the living room, because it's "visually heavy".

But the opposite is true, too, and if you have a carpeted area it often appears too "messy".

"It makes it look like the furniture is floating or simply that the furniture doesn't go together," she explains. "You can layer rugs on top of carpet."

Always go for a large rug that can be placed under the large furniture items, including your sofa, dining table and your bed.

You don't want a small rug placed in front of your sofa or bed, and your dining chairs must be able to sit on top of the rug when they're pulled out.

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