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DIY fanatic shares easy way she got frosted glass in her bathroom for just £7

ONE crafty woman has revealed how she upgraded her windows for as little as £7.

Kelly regularly uploads home and DIY hacks on her Instagram page, wemadethisplace.

In the video, the savy DIY-er showed how you can create more privacy for your home without having to dig deep in your pockets.

Kelly has dedicated her Instagram page to home interiors and DIY transformations as she converts a two bedroom bungalow into a five bedroom house.

Frosted glass windows can set you back hundreds of pounds, especially if you want more than one installed.

In the caption Kelly writes: "Money saving tip!

"Frosted glass can be expensive (especially if you don't want that swirly pattern nan has) but this film is literally £7!!

"And so easy to apply."

In the video, Kelly says to first search for 'frosted glass film' on the internet and find one that suits your style.

Next, carefully remove the window panes and wash the glass on both sides thoroughly.

Kelly then says to add more soapy water to the side of the glass that will sit inside the house and to put the film on top.

Once she has put the film where she wants it, she uses a squeegee to ensure the film is stuck securley to the window and to get rid of any air bubbles.

Once the window pane is dry, simply put it back into the window and you are done.

As another bonus money saving tip, Kelly also recommends keeping an eye out for windows on Facebook Market Place or GumTree, as they typically sell for just 10-20 quid.

Instagram users loved the easy and budget-friendly hack.

One user wrote: "This is amazing!!! Need to try this."

A second user commented: "That looks sooo satisfying! Great Job!"

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