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Disney to lay off 4,000 MORE workers after 28,000 are fired from California and Florida theme parks due to Covid

DISNEY is to lay off 4,000 MORE workers after 28,000 were fired from California and Florida theme parks just two months ago due to Covid.

The new wave of layoffs come as coronavirus keeps a hold in the US, hammering the theme park business as cases soared past 13million on Friday.

Disney announced that it would be firing 4,000 more workers in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this week, the Associated Press reported.

A total of 32,000 workers will now be out of work from the company.

"Due to the current climate, including COVID-19 impacts, and changing environment in which we are operating, the Company has generated efficiencies in its staffing, including limiting hiring to critical business roles, furloughs and reductions-in-force," the SEC filing states.

The layoffs are due in the first half of the fiscal year in 2021.

Employees affected work mainly at parks – like those in California and Florida – along with "experiences," and "products," the filing states.

In addition to the 32,000 being laid off, Disney has furloughed 37,000 workers, according to the document.

The wave of layoffs comes after it was first announced in late September that 28,000 workers would be out of work amid prolonged closures.

As millions of Americans remain out of work due to coronavirus closures and lockdowns, many are hoping for a second stimulus check.

According to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of October, 6.7percent of Americans were unemployed.

The total unemployment number declined by 1.5million from the previous month, to 11.1million.

That number very well may rise, however, as coronavirus cases continue to climb past 13million in the US and more lockdowns are expected in the winter months.

Negotiations on another coronavirus package have all but come to a standstill – six months after the HEROES Act was passed in the House in May.

Democrats and Republicans remain at loggerheads over another deal, which would likely give American individuals another $1,200 check.

After heading on a recess, Congress is set to reconvene on November 30.

It will give members of Congress just weeks, however, to quickly come to an agreement on an emergency package before the end of the year.

Disney World releases welcome home reopening video with staff wearing masks as coronavirus cases soar in Florida

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