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Disgusting video shows men ‘joking’ after hanging a ‘noose’ out back of truck with Confederate flag bumper

A VIDEO has emerged of a man showing a noose hanging off the back of his Confederate flag-painted truck, and joked it was a leash for his dog.

The man, who was wearing a Marine t-shirt and is referred to as "Colton", shows the person behind the camera, a note that was left on his truck, which read "f*** you" in capital letters.

Colton, from Bedford, Indiana, walks around the back of his truck, which is painted with the Confederate flag, to reveal a noose dangling over the back.

"I just don't understand why they're so upset," Colton, who has the words "just f***ing divorced" written on his truck's window, says to the camera in jest.

"Yeah I don't really see why," the man behind the camera, who is called Brady, responds.

Colton picks up the noose and says: "That's my dog's leash."

Brady adds: "It's just hanging there so you know if you need to f***ing pull somebody out...It's not like it'd be a noose or anything, that would be racist."

The initial note was left by a man who posted pictures of the note - and the truck - on Twitter. "Filed a complaint with the IG [Instagram] of the Marines," the man writes on his @realInfectious Twitter account.

The man was also sent a message on Facebook from somebody appearing to be Colton, who wrote: "How was it like to get f***ed you dumba** moron? LOL!"

On a Facebook account which is believed to belong to Colton, he lists his employment as United States Army.

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