After meeting in New York at the UN General Assembly earlier this week, Jair Bolsonaro claims UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked for an 'emergency' food deal with Brazil.

The country's controversial President Bolsonaro said in his weekly webcast to his supporters:

"He wants an emergency agreement with us to import some kind of food that is lacking in England."

Though the president did not name a specific product, he did say he had passed on PM Johnson's request to his agriculture minister, Tereza Cristina.

According to an industry expert, Brazil is the world's third largest producer of poultry which includes chicken and Turkey.

The claim from Bolsonaro comes weeks after a shortage of chicken forced many Nando's outlets to shut and members of the industry declare some families will have to do without turkey at Christmas this year.

The British Poultry Council has warned the industry is heading into a "downward spiral towards supply chains seriously struggling"

A combination of Brexit, lack of lorry drivers and shortage of CO2 (used to slaughter poultry), seems to be at the root of the UK's shortage.

Bolsonaro has also claimed Johnson asked him to help increase Brazilian imports of whisky from the UK.

Did Boris Johnson ask Brazil for food?

Downing Street has denied the hugely embarrassing claims Johnson asked Brazil and Bolsonaro for food.

However, many have speculated that the plea to Brazil was for Christmas turkeys.

According to government insiders, the cabinet fear a return to the empty shelves seen during the start of the first Covid-19 lockdown.

This has been paired with oil and gas company, BP, asking drivers not to panic buy fuel.

In recent days, large queues have been spotted at petrol stations, with motorists fearing a shortage in the coming weeks.

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