A devastated West Lothian family have been told their mum has just weeks to live after doctors said their is nothing more they can do to fight her cancer.

A fundraising page had been set up for terminally ill Laura Mcaloon, from Bathgate to pay for treatments abroad to give her more time with her children, Tiegan (20), Demileigh (13) and two-year-old Connor.

The Courier had previously told over £20,000 had been raised to help Laura and the family had been able to pursue some treatments for her.

But her daughter Tiegan broke the devastating news that medics say Laura is now too ill for anymore and the money raised will now be used for her funeral and to help her siblings as they grow up without their mum.

She said: "“Our hearts are absolutely breaking but my mum has not given up, she just can’t do any more than she has.

“We have had the worst possible news as a family and really need time to process it.

“Despite her having brain radiation, four new tumours have appeared on the brain and one has caused a bleed.

"My mum is tired, her cancer is too aggressive and there has been a rapid decline.

“She has been so strong and even yesterday, after this news, she kept a smile on her face.

“Every penny donated will now be used to give our mum a beautiful send off and whatever is left at the end will go to my brother and sister who are now going to grow up without their mum.

"At just two and 13, they need this more than anyone.

“I wish things were different and at the minute I do not even feel like a real person.

“I do not even feel like I’m living my own life.

Laura Mcaloon with her children, Tiegan (20), Demileigh (13) and two-year-old Connor.

“The whole family is in pieces and we are struggling to accept this, but even if we had a million pounds now, it’s now too late.”

Laura was diagnosed with lung cancer at St. John’s hospital in Livingston in August 2020 after suffering excruciating pain around her breast and back area.

Scans revealed a tumour on her lung were pressing against a nerve and she began her first round of chemotherapy.

But after suffering a seizure on January 28 this year, doctors found the aggressive cancer had spread to her brain.

Doctors estimated she had six to 12 months left and offered her brain radiation treatment to prolong her life as much as possible.

She underwent radiotherapy and chemo to target the cancer but found out last week her cancer had rapidly spread and there was nothing else doctors could do.

Now her family are making her as comfortable as possible as medics gave her two weeks to live while her young children prepare for life without their mum.

They are unsure if she will make her 37th birthday on May 6th so asked people to send birthday cards as soon as they could.

Laura was then blown away after receiving scores of treats and messages of hope during this difficult time.

The family have been stunned by the generosity of strangers as they have raised more than £20,000 on Gofundme.

Tiegan added: “My mum loved every single card, gift and bouquet of flowers she opened.

“Tears were shed, but they were happy tears.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for the support for my mum, it has helped massively not only financially but emotionally.

“When people tell you time is precious, believe them and please, when you know something is wrong with your body, get it seen to.”

You can donate to Laura’s Gofundme here.

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