A teenager has voiced his anger after he was refused entry to a Liam Gallagher homecoming gig - and says he is still has no idea why.

Angry Ethan Owens, 16, told the Manchester Evening News that he was stopped after a 'sniffer dog brushed past his leg' in the queue.

Although he was searched, he said nothing was found on him - but door staff took his ticket off him regardless.

The college student had travelled from Wrexham in Wales to see the show.

Ethan, who works at a Chinese takeaway in his spare time, says he was excited for the gig after saving up £120 to buy two tickets for him and his girlfriend.

He and mum Katie Pugh, 35, are fuming.

Liam Gallagher performing at Manchester Arena on Wednesday
Gavin Owens, Elouise Roberts, Ethan Owens and Katie Pugh, pictured outside Manchester Arena

The teenager said he joined the queue outside the Arena at around 3pm on Wednesday with his girlfriend Elouise Roberts as they were eager to get a space near the stage.

Ethan said: "I got to the front of the queue. The sniffer dog brushed across my leg. A man pulled me over. He said 'we are going to check, if we find something on you, we will take you to the police van'."

He said he was told to empty his pockets, which contained his wallet, his phone, his charger and ticket.

"[After the search], this woman said 'put your stuff back in your pocket'. I didn't realise my ticket was gone," Ethan added.

"They said 'sorry, you are not allowed in the Arena'. I knew I had done nothing wrong. I tried to explain it to the man outside.

Ethan outside Manchester Arena with his mum Katie Pugh

"I got a bit angry. I asked to talk to them, but they wouldn't let me back in. I was devastated. I had waited months to see my idol."

Ethan said he was given no explanation. He says no one suggested drugs were found on him.

Ethan's mum and dad, Katie and husband Gavin Owens, rushed down to the Arena when Elouise called to tell them what had happened.

Katie said: "They called back to say his ticket had been taken off him. They were crying their eyes out.

"They had waited to see him for so long. [Ethan] doesn't drink, he doesn't take drugs. We went down to speak to the dog handler. We spoke to police and they told us to go to the other side [of the venue].

"We spoke to someone else. No one explained why he wasn't let in. We were fobbed off. No one would give us any answers.

The former Oasis singer performed a homecoming show

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"When my husband tried to get through, they said 'you can't get through without a ticket'. I said 'I want to speak to the manager'."

Katie said she has since sent an email to the venue to complain.

The family's claims come after security staff at the venue were criticised for failing to confiscate flares from revellers at the door.

A number of lit projectiles were thrown into the crowds - just days after a woman was badly burned by a flare during a Liam Gallagher gig in Sheffield.

The Manchester Evening News put the specific allegations made by Ethan and Katie to Arena bosses.

A spokeswoman said they 'cannot comment on individual cases'.

She said: "Manchester Arena has rigorous security procedures in place which are continually reviewed in conjunction with the police and the security services.

"Following intelligence from other venues on this tour, additional signage was in place on all entry points to reinforce the prohibited items.

"We had metal detectors, sniffer dogs and full bag searches at all entrances to the venue and the vast majority of guests were well behaved."