Deontay Wilder's trainer Malik Scott has revealed how his fighter's equilibrium never recovered after being knocked down by Tyson Fury for the first time in their trilogy.

Fury and Wilder concluded their trilogy in an epic heavyweight title fight that saw five knockdowns take place, with Fury coming out on top by 11th round stoppage.

Wilder dismissed Fury after the final bell but has since released a lengthy statement thanking the Brit for the fight and promising to come back stronger.

Scott - who partnered with his former opponent Wilder after his 2020 loss to Fury - said his fighter was debilitated by a punch to his ear which caused the first knockdown.

He told Blue Blood Sports TV : "The first knockdown wasn’t like how the other ones were. It was like; he must have gotten hit with something because he looked wobbly.

Deontay Wilder was knocked down three times by Tyson Fury (


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“It was like, he got hit with a good shot, and it knocked his equilibrium off, which is good, but that’s not an excuse. His equilibrium was off from Tyson hitting him with a very good shot, and he got up."

Wilder was criticised for making excuses after his loss to Fury in their rematch last year. The American claimed his water was spiked and Fury tampered with his gloves before the fight.

The pair fought to a controversial split draw in their first meeting in Los Angeles in 2018.

Wilder was suspended for six months by the Nevada Commission after breaking his hand in the trilogy.

But he is already planning his return to the ring with his co-manager Shelly Finkel targeting a spring or early summer return date for the American.

Scott has maintained that whilst they are citing the first knockdown as one of the reasons Wilder lost the fight, they are not using it as an excuse and give full credit to Fury.

“Stop trying to attack Deontay. Cut that s*** out. The man just gave you a hard guts gory passion. Please give him a break for the first month. Back off with that s***," he continued.

“He didn’t say anyone cheated, and he didn’t say ‘He caught me off guard.

“He said, ‘No, no, no.’ In boxing, people get hit in the ear. This is heavyweight top-quality boxing at the highest level. It’s not an excuse. He got hit in the ear, which is fair play to Fury.

"Fury is fighting, and he’s trying to get him out of there like we were trying to do him.

“Those narratives that come out about Deontay are so unfair. ‘Ah, that’s another excuse.’ He didn’t say nobody did nothing wrong. He just said that ‘after I got hit with a good shot, my equilibrium was off, which is factual.”

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