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Deontay Wilder camp insist Tyson Fury will be 100 per cent for February WBC Title rematch despite stitches needed from his clash with Otto Wallin

DEONTAY WILDER and his team have no concerns Tyson Fury will not be ready for their rematch on February 22.

The Gypsy King, 31, suffered a horrific double gash above his right eyebrow and eyelid leaving him soaked in blood and unable to see out of one eye for nine rounds against Otto Wallin.

Fury overcame the round three adversity to outscore his Swedish opponent and kept his rematch with Wilder intact.

Fury needed 50 stitches to close the cut and his promoter Frank Warren has expressed his concerns over whether the Brit will be fully-recovered, insisting he will not be pressured into jumping straight into the fight unless he is 100 per cent.

But Wilder’s co-manager Shelly Finkel is adamant that the severe cuts will not force the clash to be delayed.

Speaking to Boxing News, he said: “I believe that Tyson Fury will be fine for February to fight Deontay Wilder.

“I thought Fury’s opponent (Otto Wallin) was better than anyone thought he would be.”

Meanwhile, Wilder believes Fury “is not the same fighter” that bravely battled to a draw with him last December after watching his performance against Wallin.

And he insists he will make short work of the 6ft 9in star when they meet again.

Wilder told Barbershop Conversations: "Anyone who saw this fight will understand and recognise that he’s [Fury] not the same fighter, this is what I do to them - I end careers.

“I’m the baddest man on planet, he’s not the same fighter at all, I gave him a concussion. He’s done and I can’t wait.

“I cannot wait, oh my god, he didn’t even have the best of me, we had the best of Fury.

“I keep telling Fury himself, if you really look deep at his whole situation, the mental health, that’s the story they sold, and still selling, that’s the only thing that he can hold on to tight and claim to, there’s nothing else.

“I can’t wait for this fight because the rematch is going to be so much different because I’ve been in there before for one and for two I’m [going] to be at my best, at my most healthiest.

“Otto Wallin put up a good fight. I was most impressed with Wallin when he cut Fury open.

“When you cut a guy open with that deep of a cut, two inches long, or longer, he even at one time tried to grab the boy [Fury] eye and tried to pull it out, I thought 's***', there you go, that’s what you got to do, put them in a headlock, put the sweat up in the eye.

“I f***** Fury up, I can’t wait, bad intentions, bad blood, he’s going to need more than that Gypsy Voodoo doll, more than that Gypsy magic when he get in the ring with me.

“It’s definitely going to be a short night I’m going to make sure of it.”

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