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Dentist who killed Cecil the lion slammed for slaughtering rare sheep in Mongolia

A DENTIST who caused outrage across the world when he gunned down Cecil the lion five years ago is hunting again.

Walter Palmer, 60, paid up to £80,000 to slaughter a huge ram in Mongolia, it has been reported.

However, after the furious backlash caused by Cecil's death, the American's face is hidden in photos from the hunt.

Palmer faced death threats - which finally forced him into hiding - after he paid a reported £35,000 bribe to gamekeepers to hunt the lion in a national park.

Two men said to be guides on his African hunting trip were charged with poaching offences after the famous lion, a national treasure in Zimbabwe, was shot, skinned and beheaded.

And now animal rights campaigners have slammed the trigger-happy dentist for his latest kill.

Officials from Humane Society International said: “Clearly the killing for kicks continues."

In a new photo, Palmer - with face hidden from view - shows off a slaughtered wild sheep.

The image was taken on a trip which proves the dentist, who was called 'the most hated man on earth' after Cecil's death, has returned to trophy hunting.

Palmer paid up to £80,000 for the trip to hunt Altai argali – the world’s biggest type of sheep – in Mongolia, the Mirror reports.

Dr Teresa Telecky, wildlife vice-president at Humane Society International, told the Mirror: “For trophy hunters to travel to Mongolia to kill a beautiful and ­endangered ram is an absolute outrage.

“The argali ram is a species in danger of extinction, so the idea that these animals can be killed for pleasure is abhorrent.

“The killing of Cecil the lion five years ago caused international shock. But clearly the killing for kicks continues.

“It’s time for the law to stop wildlife killers in their tracks by banning trophy hunting.”

Palmer’s trip to Mongolia took place last August.

He travelled 5,800 miles from his home state of Minnesota for the hunting trip with friend Brent Sinclair.

It is understood the ram, said to be an older male, was killed with an arrow from around 30 yards.

A source claims Palmer has several more trips planned.

The insider said: “At the time of Cecil’s death, Walter took a back seat.

"But he’s been hunting ever since he was a boy.

"It’s a way of life to him. Walter has undertaken several hunts since Cecil’s death.

"The trip to Mongolia was his idea. The ram was on his list of hunts he wanted to complete.”

Palmer has been unable to return the sheep to his home in America as officials have yet to grant the permit for it to be exported.

In 2015, he was forced to temporarily close his dental practice after protesters staged a mock re-creation of Cecil's hunt with cuddly toys and water pistols.

After that incident, it emerged that he'd illegally slaughtered a black bear before attempting to bribe hunting guides to 'cover it up'.

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