A demolition company has apologised after it accidentally flattened the wrong house - leaving the owner with nothing but rubble.

JR’s Demolition was ordered to knock down a property in Dallas, Texas, on Wednesday, but a mix up led to them targeting a different home on the street.

They ended up mistakenly destroying what was known to neighbours as 'the pink house' that had stood for 97 years.

It held sentimental value for its owner Jeremy Wenninger, who lives in California.

He told CBS Local the property had been owned by a good friend who gifted it to him when she died.

The demolition company has apologised

Shocked witnesses said the home was flattened in minutes before Mr Wenninger received a call to say his property had been bulldozed.

A neighbour said: "The house is gone. That was a unique house built in the twenties."

The demolition company issued a statement apologising for the mishap.

People on the street knew the property as 'the pink house'
It has been reduced to just rubble

"We made a mistake and thought we had the right property," the company’s owner, Bobby Lindamood, told People.

"JR’s Demolition is a small family business who has been in the demolition business for 15 years.

"I as the owner, have been in demolition over 35 years, and after many thousands of structure demolitions, this is the first incident wherein the wrong structure was demolished."

The house was 97 years old

They said the 'pink house' did not have any numbers on it, and when the company inspected it they found it was empty.

The back door was boarded up and the garden was littered with debris from cut trees, according to the company.

JR's owner said the house did not have a gas meter and was stripped of plumbing and electrical features.

The statement by the company said the property had the same appearance as others ready to be demolished.

They assured they had spoken to the homeowner and were agreeing on a resolution with him.