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Defendant dies after slitting his throat in bloody courtroom suicide as he is being sentenced


A DEFENDANT fatally slit his throat as he was being sentenced in court on Monday.

The U.S. Marshals Service confirmed with Valley News Live that a defendant had committed suicide after being sentenced in a courtroom in Fargo, North Dakota.

The incident occured at the Federal Courthouse on Monday afternoon.

The Fargo Fire Department and F-M ambulances responded to the scene.

A witness spoke to Valley News Live about witnessing the suicide.

There was speculation about the object the man used to slit his throat.

"The guy turned around and you could see the inside of his neck. He had slit his neck with some object... don’t know if it was plastic or what it was," he said.

The witness continued "One of the other attorneys in there said it looked like a pen, but his attorney said it looked like a scalpel."

He told the news station that the man appeared to stab himself after a verdict was read for his case.

Reportedly, US Marshals had to wrestle the man to the floor.

Bailey Hurley of Valley News Live also reported the news on her Twitter.

She responded to a user asking about the man's charge and sentence saying "Unconfirmed at this time. Witness says the man was getting a life sentence for a charge related to weapons, but wasn't on the calendar."

No further information about the man's identity has been released yet.

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