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David Beckham strips topless to take on James Corden in a boxing match for The Late Late Show

DAVID Beckham stripped topless to take on James Corden in a boxing match for The Late Late Show.

The England legend gives viewers a thrill as he goes toe-to-toe in the ring with Corden in a sketch for the presenter's CBS show.

The clip begins with James, 41, calling on his close friend to hang out, hoping they'll spend a leisurely two hours on a bike ride and picnic.

He says he's even hired a gazebo for the afternoon.

But David, 45, forces him to head to the gym where they take a spin class despite James's protest.

The Inter Miami CF owner then ropes him into a boxing match, not missing the chance to show off his hot bod.

With topless David in pink shorts and James in a tee-shirt and protective head gear, the two begin to spar before ploughing into a full on match.

It's not looking good for James at the start when he recoils from the footballer in the first round, skipping out of David's reach as he rains down body blows on the presenter.

Barely breaking a sweat, the 6ft muscle man backs him into a corner as Corden screams.

But James makes an epic comeback in the second round calling "funny boy" David's bluff.

The presenter gets the better of Becks and barges him to the floor - giving David no where to run.

He eventually admits defeat lying sparko on the mat, and James cheers as the bell rings.

But it's no hard feelings for the pair, as they head off to The Late Late Show with James telling David: "I got to get back for work man, but before we do that we've got to get you ready for Miami."

The next clip sees the pair dressed in white suits and wearing blonde wigs, as they hop into a vintage car and whizz off - but get stuck in traffic.

James gives his Miami team Inter Miami a shout out on The Late Late Show, telling viewers they've just signed Matuidi from Juventus.

Things haven't gone entirely to plan for the former Manchester United man's team as Inter Miami have lost their first five games in the MLS league.

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