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Darwen teacher publishes book about a beloved teddy bear

A PRIMARY school teacher has become a hit with children after writing her second book about a lost teddy bear.

Claire Harrison, from Darwen, has released Teddy’s Lost His Teddy, where a teddy bear searches for his own beloved teddy, encouraging language development in children.

Mrs Harrison wrote the book in the second lockdown and even illustrated it herself, sitting up late at night after putting her own two children to sleep.

She said: “I wanted to write for younger children this time. 

“I wanted it to rhyme because it’s good for language development and it’s a sweet story about a teddy and promotes discussions about where they would look for their own lost things.

“I have always wanted to become an author, but I never thought I would become a real author.”

Mrs Harrison, 34, said: “I started to Google and do research because this time as well, I wanted to self-publish.”

The teacher at Church Road Primary School in Bolton also spends her holidays going into other schools to read her books to the children.

She said: “It’s quite nice I can read my own stories at schools and I can read it to my own class and other year groups at the school.

“A lot of them have bought the book and tell me they love reading it at bedtime. They like talking about it and talk about what they have also lost.”

The teacher also wants to look into stronger female leads as she says there are good values in them.

She said: “I am passionate about that and think it is important as research has shown there are not enough stories with females in jobs such as a police officer.

“I think it is just as important for boys to see that girls and boys can do these jobs equally. They need to see that it is not just men or just women, but everyone doing these jobs.”

This mirrors Miss Harrison’s first book Police Officer Penny, which follows the character as she searches for a lost little boy at the zoo.

The books are available on Amazon.

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