DARWEN Food Larder has received several donations since an appeal for supplies in the Lancashire Telegraph but now needs carries bags.

A local trade union gave a selection of mixed goods, and individual a selection of cheese and a woman £150 to parent charity Nightsafe to buy it fresh produce.

Nicola Roscoe, manager if the food larder based in Industry Street, said: "Unison dropped off a big donation the other day of mixed good for us.

"We also had a big donation of cheese and some other things like sauces marinades. I spoke to a lady the other day and she has donated Nightsafe £150 to purchase some goods – fresh produce.

"Referrals are still coming in but no busier that what it was becoming. I'm sure we will feel the hit.

"Young people and the staff are working on the food parcels ready for the lady to collect for the home deliveries. We are short on carrier bags though at the minute. Any would be very helpful."

Darwen East ward’s Cllr Roy Davies said: "After receiving donations from different organisations such as Unison, which are very much appreciated, the food larder is now short of carrier bags in which goods are placed in to hand out to people in need.

"More donations are needed to enable it to carry on being able to provide for those in need. Long-life milk is still in short supply."