Dani Dyer has taken off on a family holiday abroad for some much-needed sun after her ex Sammy Kimmence was jailed for fraud last month.

The former Love Island star, 24, was thought to have been planning a trip with her boyfriend but after his sentence, her father Danny Dyer stepped in to take his place on the break away.

And Dani was clearly thrilled about having some quality family time as she shared a sweet snap of her dad cuddled up with his five-month-old grandson, who he has doted on since the day he was born.

Documenting the holiday on Instagram, Dani also shared another snap of her mum Joanne cuddling Santiago, while dressed in a chic pink bikini.

Danny was a doting grandfather

Dani's mum Joanne looked stunning as she posed with Santiago

"Love his nanny so much," Dani said of her boy.

Dani took Santiago on his first holiday abroad with her parents, with whom she shares a very close bond.

The former Love Island champion recently appeared with dad Danny on EastEnders and she admitted it was quite an overwhelming experience for her.

"I really loved it. We had so much fun!," she said as she answered fans' questions online.

Dani and her dad Danny posed for a selfie on the plane (


After a stressful few weeks, Dani is enjoying a relaxing break in the sun on her getaway abroad (



"When I got asked to do it I just said yes not thinking about the anxiety it would cause me waiting for it to be aired.]

"But I loved working with my dad, we have such a special bond and I’m really lucky to be able to work with him."

Dani confessed soon after the baby's arrival that her father Danny had been "so emotional" around the baby.

She told OK! magazine : "He’s been so emotional around Santi. Literally the other day he was nearly crying like, 'I love babies and that, but your baby ... I've never felt anything like this'.

"Santiago's his first grandchild and I feel like that's hit him more after the birth."

Dani said joining her dad on EastEnders was a 'nerve-wracking' experience (



Santiago arrived earlier this year and Dani had previously opened up about the baby's birth, revealing at the time that she had to have an unplanned C-section - but she admitted she really didn't want one.

"I never wanted to have a C-section. I know they are very common and I know they happen but I never wanted one - that was never in my birth plan, so I started feeling like a failure," she recalled on her Sorted with the Dyers podcast.

"The baby didn’t want to come out, my waters broke and I was at five centimetres and he wasn’t dilating.

"I ended up having to have a c-section, it was an emotional day."

Dani shot to fame when she appeared on Love Island, winning the show with her now ex-boyfriend Jack Fincham.

She rekindled her romance with ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmence and they went on to have Santiago together.